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Deepavli Celebration at Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka.- 2014
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Dwarka Nagari - Popular Myths

(1) Dwarka was considered as Capital at Shree Krishna hile Bet Dwarka as residence. Shree Krishna used to conduct his religious assembly at Dwarka.

(2) Gopi Lake is located 14 kms. A way from Dwarka. Soil of Gopi talav is yellow in color while it is extremely smooth. There is myth that after leaving ' Vruj' , Krishna never gone back to 'Vruj'. During Krishna's Childhood, he played ras leelas many times with gopies (young female inhabitant of Vruj). They traveled from 'Vruj' to Dwarka, to meet Shree Krishna. They after playing Ras Leelas again with Shree Krishna, on night of 'Sharad Purnima', they offered their lives to soil of this land and hence this land has become popular as 'Gopi Talav'.

(3) Rukhmini Temple (Temple one of Shree Krishna's Patranis), is located 2 kms a away from Dwarka There is a myth associated with it once Krishna and Rukhmini went to 'Durvasha rushi' to invite him at Dwarka. He was agreed on the condition that they (Krishna & Rukhmini) have to carry the chariot instead of any animal. Krishna & Rukhmini happily agreed to do so. While driving the chariot, Rukhmini became thirsty. Then Krishna stopped the chariot and made water of Holy River Ganga. 'Durvasha' annoyed by the action and curse Rukhmini to stay away from Shree Krishna Hence Rukhmini temple is located 2 kms. Away from Dwarka's Jagat Mandir.

Airlift technique was adopted for digging within the caisson to dig trenches on the sides of structures. All drawings were prepared underwater.

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