Deepavli Celebration at Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka.- 2015

All the devotees are welcome to participate in Deepavli, Nutan Varsha and Bhai-Bij celebration as follows.

Change in Timings for Dhanur Maas-

Change in Darshan Timings on Account of Dhanur Maas

Date : December 19, 2017-   Tuesday December 26, 2017- Tuesday

January 7, 2018- Sunday,  January 9, 2018- Tuesday

  • Mangla Aarti- 5.30 AM
  • Anosar [Darshan Closed]- 10.30 AM
  • Evening Darshan- As per Schedule

Donate ONLINE to Dwarkadhish Temple- Repairing and Development Fund

We are pleased to announce online Donation to Dwarkadhish Temple Repairing and Development Fund .

Currently HDFC Bank account holders can donate online through direct pay to their bank account, Donate generously and contribute towards Development of Dwarkadhish Temple.

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Jay Dwarkadhish.