Renovation & Maintinance fund

Renovation and Maintinance fund

Renovation and Development of Shri Dwarkadhish
Jagat Mandir:

In the time of Shri Gayakwad State, the Tourist had been charged for the Tourist Tax, or Tall Tax as well as the Gomti Snan Tax. In 1943, the Gayakwad state had abolished such tax and decided to put donation box for voluntary donation by the tourist toward maintains and development of the temple. Since then the funds have been collected for such caused with donation box, as well as by 2 representatives appointed by the Government.

Construction of Bhojnalaya and Vishranti Gruh for Tourist:
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The Samiti has taken initiatives for the construction of the tourist complex near iskon gate of the city. The complex is spread across 5000 sq. meter land belongs to the Samiti. Estimated cost of the project is around INR 1.10 Crore

The complex is almost completed with funds from reserves of the Samiti, grants from Shri Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board and through donation from Private sectors and individuals.

The complex has capacity of 75 seats in the canteen, and 200 seats Bhojnalaya on the ground floor, while the first floor consists of 5 dormitories, with installed capacity of 250 seats. The second floor has 16 attached bathrooms.

Generous contribution in form of donations requested from the devotees and the donors. There is also provision for putting up of the name plate for against the donation on various rooms and galleries of the complex.

Exemption from the Income Tax:

Shree Dwarkadhish Mandir Durasti and Vikas Fund, is a registered public trust. All the donations for the above mentioned projects are exempted from the Income Tax, under section 80 [G], of the Income Tax Act, 1961, vide circular no. CITA/SYS/63-D-169/2000-2001, subject to exemption limit specified under the act.