Renovation and Development of Shri Dwarkadhish
Jagat Mandir:

The Samiti has appointed CEPT :: Ahmedabad to chart out the developmental plan for the Yatradham Dwarka. The mandate given to CEPT was..

Enhance Dwarka as a pilgrimage center and strengthen the quality of sacredness.

Conserve the historicity of Dwarkadhish Temple.

Stimulate the local economy of the town- Tourism and local skills to be encouraged and promoted. In addition to conservation of historicity and sacredness, leisure activities in the town and its vicinity are to be developed.
Quality of life for the residents to be improved by developing/ Upgrading infrastructure facilities.

Recognize and emphasize the natural setting of the town as a western edge of the country.

To fulfill the above objectives, the consultants have developed a multidimensional and holistic master plan titled “Dwarka :: Urban Design Initiatives'.

This master plan has identified broadly 10 projects for Dwarka.

No. Projects
1 New Approach Road, Chappan Sidi and Eastern side of temple development
2 Development of Temple precinct
3 Redevelopment of Gomti Ghat
4 Development of Mandir Chowk and Balbhdra Street [from east gate to vegetable market chowk]
5 Development of Parikrama Path connecting various other temple of the town.
6 Civic center, Government offices and museum in central large area with a scope of expansion.
7 Development of Paanch Kuan without the bridge connection. The connection ferry is an unique experience and it shell help save the virgin land.
8 Development of Bus station and Railway station Area.
9 Development of Beach Area, west of the temple.
10 Development of water edges of both the lakes of the city.