Devasthan Samiti - Donation Appeal

Dwarka is one among four Dhamas and one among seven puris. Every year millions of tourists plow in Dwarka from nooks and corners of the country, and even foreign tourists. Considering the inflow of the tourist present infrastructure for lodging and boarding required to be strengthened.

1 Construction of Kirtan Hall in Jagat Mandir.

2 A Pictorial Gallery of Shri Prabhu’s Leela in Jagat Mandir.

3 A deck to broadcast Bhajan and Sangeet in Jagat Mandir.

4 Light and Sound show for Krishna Bal Leela.

5 Water Cooler Facilities for performance of rituals at Gomti Ghat.

6 A Satsang Hall for performance of Bhagwat Saptha, Yagna near Jagat Mandir.

1 Play ground for Childeren

2 Marine Aquarium and Museum

3 Developments of other temples within and in surroundings of Dwarka.

4 Plantation on the roads leading to Dwarka.

You can make an online donation over the Internet using the HDFC Bank DirectPay option :- click here (Donation option through Credit Card and Debt Card is coming soon.)

For all the above projects, contributions are soughed from the devotees. Certain donations are exempted from income tax, for more details kindly contact Vahivatdar, Shri Dwarkadhish Mandir - Dwarka.

For all the donations and funds remittance, Cheque / Demand Draft should be drawn in favoure of “Vahivatdar Shri, Dwarkadhish Mandir – Dwarka” and payable at State Bank of India: Dwarka.A/c: 56090005155 [Swift Code: SBIN0060090].