Devasthan Samiti

Shree Dwarkadhish Mandir is a registered trust, registered under Bombay Public Trust, wide registration no. A-31, Jamnagar. The sole trusty of this trust as of now, is the government of Gujarat. It is administered under general administration department, Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. The Government has setup a committee to look after the daily affairs, rituals and seva Pooja, in addition to developmental task for the Jagat Mandir and its surroundings.

District Collector of Devbhoomi Dwarka becomes the president of the Samiti and a special class I officer of the cadre of Dy. Collector becomes administrator. Additionally there are representatives of Public, Shankrachary, Pujari Families and representative from local civic body appointed by the Government. Generally, the duration of the Samiti is for three years.

There are 19 temples within Jagat Madir parisar, between the Swarga Dwar and the Moxha Dwar. Additionally, Sharda Peeth, one among four peeths of India- is also located near to the Jagat Mandir parisar. Jagadguru Shankracharyaji’s Sharda Peeth has administered 14 temples among those 19. Earlier the renovation and the development work had been taken by Shri Gayakwad State and then Gujarat State. Of late, the archeology department of the Government of India has taken over the charge since 1963, and declared the Jagat Mandir and other 14 temples as “National Protective Monument”. Since then, the renovation and the developmental activities have been taken over by the Archeology department. Marine research institute of the Archeological survey of India has also undertaken research and excavation work under able guidance of Dr. S R Rao. During such excavation, the evidences validates the findings according to the ancient cultural literature, published in “Hari Vansha, Vishnu Puran, Bhagwat- Sankdha- Mahapurana” . According to such evidences, the Jagat Mandir is considered as ancient. Every year, there have been millions of devotes pour into Dwarka and considering the need for tourism development and other developmental activities, as well as for the renovation of the Jagat Mandir, the government has floated a separate trust, titled “ Shri Dwarkadhish Mandir: Durasti and Vikas Fund”.

Presently, the Bhojnalaya and Vishranti Gruh project are being undertaken from this fund. Additionally, Dwarka also classifies under the Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board, a board of the Government of Gujarat.


Pooja Vidhi and its Administration:

Shashtrokta Pooja of Shri Dwarkadhish Temple is prerogative of 27 Pujaris of Guglly Brahmin Community. The Pooja is performed by one of these 27 Pujaris on rotation basis.

The Charity Commisnor, Devasthan Samiti, and the Pujari shares the revenue generated as Bhet from the Golakh in proposition of 2:15:83. The Pujari looks after the seva Pooja and other incidental expenses, while the Samiti looks after the administration, security and the developmental activities from such revenue.

Shree Dwarkadhish is presented as Trivikram Swarupa of Vishnu Avtara. But Shreeji has been treated Raja Dhiraj and the Vagha and Vastra have been designed accordingly. The Pujaris have their own specialty in designing the costumes and the interiors of the Garbha Gruh during the Pooja vidhi.