Dr. B.G. Chandarana

native: Dwarka

1. M.A. with Sanskrit and Ardha Magadhi language from Bombay University

2. PhD in Vedanta Sub: the philosophy of Shankaracharya Sagun and Nirgun Brahma..

In1991 awarded as ' Jyotisha Vachaspati' by Bruhad Gujarat Astrological Society.


1. Aadi Shanracharya - Introduction

2. Aaj ni ghadi te Raliyamali

3. Tirtha Raj Dwarka.

4. Bhavi Na Patha Pradip (in press)

5. Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta (edited)

6. More than 100 research articles regarding astrology published in Janma Bhumi, Sandesh Panchaga, Bhuvaneshwari Panchang, Jyotisha Nidan within 30 years.

7. More than 50 articles regarding philosophy , and spirituality published n 'Kumar', ' Shree Bhuvaneshwari Matruvani' , 'Urmi Navarachana'

8. The series his of lectures are arranged at Prempuri Ashram, Bombay, Pranavananda Sanskrit Bhvan, Rajkot, And at many collages.

9. About 30 Radio Conversations form Akashvani, One at Doordarshan and gave the live commentary of Krishna janmostava celebrated at Dwarka in 1997.

At present he is the professor of Sanskrit and Head of the Department at M.B. Arts Commerce Collage Gondal.

• • •

He has been working as a professor at Dwarka Education Department. He is well known writer. He writes especially for children. His more than 25 books have been published regarding child care, education, short stories and story book for children, Among them 6 books are awarded.

Story Books For Children

1. Bahubeen (Awarded)

2. Tanak toli (Awarded)

3. Palak pari (translated)

4. Panch Teniya(translated)

5. tabar tauka(translated)

6. Ugata Suraj Na tej Apar(Awarded)

7. Kharela bor

8. Pachhi Nu Puchhso ma!

9. Chhe...... Ne.... He !!

Child care:

1. Bal Aaradhana

2. Kahevu Chee Kai kane Dhare To

3. Bal Sambhal

4. Bal Vandana


1. Pragatishi Shala

2. Education in Social Novel (Awarded)

3. Art of Language Education

4. Sarjak Ni Sikshka Gatha (Edited)

5. Shikshan No Sad (Author :Mr. Trivedi ) (Awarded:adited)

6. Stars of Education (Awarded)

Short story:

1. Tulsi ni mala.

Dwarika maiya', collection of poetry regarding Dwarka and 'Darshaniya Dwarka', an introduction book of Dwarka, are in press.

• • •

Dr. Rameshchandra Jamnadas Bhayani

Birth Date: 1st June, 1943

Birth Place: Dwarka, Dist. Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Residential Address: 'Ashish' Vidyanagar 3, Rajkot-360 002

Academic Qualifications :

B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry Guj. Uni. 1964 2nd Class

M.Sc.(Chem.) Organic Chem. Guj. Uni. 1966 2nd Class

Ph.D.1987, Studies on Heterocyclic compounds syntheses of Furocoumarin

D.S.E.(Diploma sound Eng.) Guj. Tech. Board, March 1967, with 2nd class.

D.E.R.E.(Diploma Electronics & Radio Eng.) Guj. Tech. Board, March 1967, with 2nd class.

Service Records:

During 1967-1977 worked as Demonstrator in chemistry, H & H.B. Kotak Institute of Science, Rajkot.

Since April 1977, working as Lecturer in Department of Chemistry, H & H.B. Kotak Institute of Science, Rajkot.

Since 1980, working as P.G. Teacher in Department of chemistry Saurashtra University Rajkot.

• • •

Lt. Shree Ishwarlal Pujari

Shree Pujari of Dwarka Mandir

• • •

Shree Anantbhai Purohit

He is recently retired as chief manager of Bank of Baroda at Rajkot. during 1992-93 he had been at Mascot for two years as chief manager of Bank of Baroda. When Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma , who was the president of India, he was with him as an honorary guide. He is considered as expert on Dwarka and he is also representative of Gugli Brahamin Community.

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