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Deepavli Celebration at Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka.- 2014
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|| Dwarkadhish Mandir Durusti & Vikas Fund
Sanchalit Vishrantee Gruh & Bhojanalaya||

|| Shree Zaverchand Fulchand Bhuptani Vishranti Gruh ||
|| Smt. Pushpa Zaverchand Bhuptani Bhojanalaya||

The Samiti has taken initiatives for the construction of the tourist complex near iskon gate of the city. The complex is spread across 5000 sq. meter land belongs to the Samiti. Estimated cost of the project is around INR 1.10 Crore.

The complex is almost completed with funds from reserves of the Samiti, grants from Shri Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board and through donation from Private sectors and individuals. The complex has capacity of 75 seats in the canteen, and 200 seats Bhojnalaya on the ground floor, while the first floor consists of 5 dormitories, with installed capacity of 250 seats. The second floor has 16 attached bathrooms.


Shree Zaverchand F. Bhuptani and Smt. Pushpa Z. Bhupani are the Chief Doners of Dwarkadhish Mandir Durusti & Vikas Fund Sanchalit Vishrantee Gruh & Bhojanalaya.

They were honoured by Honourable Vice President Shree. Kishan Kantji on inauguration day on 1st October 2001.

Smt. Pushpa Z. Bhuptani is a social worker attending many Free Camps sponsored by Shree Vallabh Nidhi Trust at Madhya Pradash and she is doing a good social work of Human Services.

Shree Zaverchand F. Bhuptani a leading Businessman started his social life in 1967 serving Famne suffered peoples in Bihar and Gujarat under leadership of Late Pujya Ravishankar Maharaj and Late Smt. Maniben Nanavati.

Besides this he has successfully organized many Bhagwat Katha of Pujya Ramchandra Dongre Maharaj, working as president, org. Secretrary, Chief Guest and he played a good Role of service in establishing Hospital, & Annashetra in Rural areas.

Mr.Bhuptani is a Trustee of Maharashtra Adiwasi Unnati Mandal having with team of eight Trustees and 30 Honarary Doctors, and are giving Free Medical Treatment & Medicines to 50,000 to 60,000 Aadiwasi Patients every year.

Mr. Bhuptani is a President of Vila Parle Laxminarayan Gyan Satsang Mandal.


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