Mathuragman : Krishna at Mathura

Shri Krishna had an impressive personality and was extremely popular. Jarasangha and Kansa realized his great influence. Now they had only two ways:one, to invade Gokul and another to call Krishna at Mathura and make him wrestle against professional wrestlers and get him killed. Kansa in consultation with Jarasangha preferred the second method.Kansa became worried when he knew that young Krishna was strong enough to kill very powerful demons. He realized that, according to Narad's prophesy Shri Krishna was the eighth progeny of Vasudeva who was going to kill him. Kansa had decided to kill Krishna and he felt it would be better if Akrura went to Gokul to bring Shri Krishna.Kansa decided to send Akrura because he was the devotee of Krishna and free from all the doubts. He asked him to invite Krishna on the occasion of yagna called 'Dhanushayaga'.

When Shri Krishna came to Mathura, he was hardly 14 years old. Even at this age Shri Krishna possessed outstanding intellectual attainments. Right from his childhood, he knew that if the enemy was to be defeated, a sense of inferiority complex should be created in his mind.

Before visiting the Royal Court at Mathura, he went first to the armory, picked up a powerful bow to look at, playfully turned it and broke it. This bow was very heavy. Only a few were able to lift it. Akrura had acquainted Shri Krishna of Kansa's plan to kill him. Shri Krishna was on his guard. As soon as he entered the Royal Court, a huge elephant, that was turned mad on being administrated alcohol, rushed towards Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna was taking every step with great caution. He caught hold of its tusk and killed it.

How he looks when he entereded the Royal court,..

When Krishna entered the Royal Court with Balaram, he looked like a rock to the wrestlers, best person to respected people, very attractive to women, relative to cowherds of Gokul, a strict ruler to the arrogant kings, a child to his parents, personified death to Kansa, very great to ordinary people, the ultimate to the seeker yogis and to the members of Vrushni Sangh he looked like an ultimate protector.


At the court according to Kansa's plan there were two great wrestlers named Chanur and Mushtika. They attacked him and that was a free style wrestling. Krishna killed them in the fight.

At last Krishna jumped towards Kansa, caught hold of Kansa's hair and threw him down from the throne and said,' This kingdom does not belong to you. This is republic. Hereafter, you will not be able to rule autocratically. Thereafter there was a duel between the uncle Kansa and Nephew Krishna. Kansa was killed and with the death of Kansa troubled times of the two families of Andhank and Vrushni came to an end.

After killing Kansa, Shri Krishna firstly went to pay his respect to his father. Vasudev, Ugrasen and Akrur overwhelmed with joy when they found that the evil power and the autocratic rule had come to an end.

Ugrasen knew that Shri Krishna had the support of the entire population; he decided that Krishna should become the king of Mathura. On this occasion when Shri Krishna was asked he replied that that was their kingdom and asked them to rule it.

Govardhan was in its place now. The people of Vraj thanked Shri Krishna from the bottom of their heart.

Thereafter the scared-thread ceremony of Shri Krishna was performed and it was decided to send him to the ashram of sage Sandipani.

Lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva. He grew at the house of Nanda. He spent his childhood in Gokul. Later he came to Mathura, killed Kansa and therefore he revealed his identity as belonging to Yadavas. Till he killed Kansa he was known as the son of Nanda.