Krishna Horoscope


The chart has been prepared from a poem by Soordas, a fifteenth century poet of Bhakti Marg.

Ascendent Tauras (Vrishbha) Moon, Saturn and Mars are in exalted positions, sun, mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in their own houses.


Moon in Tauras in the First House

The person will have a handsome appearance, impecable deportment, catholicity and extensive renown. The person will be endowed with an extremely attractive body, will enjoy vast luster and riches.

Ketu (Dragon's tail) in the First House

The person will have numerous high-class pleasures, but will suffer ignominy tribulations and scandals.

Sun in Leo in the First House

A superior artistic ability will be his endowment. The person will have lascivious tendencies. A natural leader, ambitious, determined and honest, magnetic, intuitive and incentive. Fond of children, drama and high office.

Mercury in Virgo in the Fifth House.

A firm moralist, extricated from all difficulties. Well-versed in the Holy Scriptures. A proficient conjurer who will practice his skill to conquer his adversaries.

Venus in Libra in the Sixth House

He will be liked by the rulers. He will attain a prominent position in the armed forces, and will prevent inhuman harm to a great many people.

Saturn in Libra in the Sixth House

The person will have an aristocratic status, and will obtain a pre-eminent position in his own society. He will be obstinate, rich and in dire fear of his adversaries.

Rahu (Dragon's head) in the Seventh House

The person will be gallant, valorous and determined, but will suffer through inordinate sensuality and extravagant sex relations. Will receive gains and delight from women.

Mars in Capricorn in the Ninth House

The person will be guilty of an enormity concerning his parents. He will attain the status of a ruler.

Jupiter in Pisces in the Eleventh House

The person will be endowed with great nobility. He will be valours and have acute mental ablity. A long life will be enjoyed by him in addition to luster and vast opulence.

[From Essence of Hindu Sidereal Astrology
by Mrs. Dorothy Robertson.]