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Deepavli Celebration at Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka.- 2014
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Celebration at Gokul

Gokul is a small village situated near Mathura. people of Gokul were very simple and their main profession was cattle rearing and agriculture.NandBava was their head and they follow their him as deity because he was a very loving and caring head. Vasudev, real father of Shri Krishna, and NandBava both were very close friends and relatives too. So. when Vasudeva decided to keep his son Shri Krishna with him, NandBava did not hesitate for a while.

As Jasoda was to give birth to her first child, everybody at Gokul eagerly awaited this gala event. When at night Vasudeva kept Krishna beside Jasoda and left Gokul with her new born baby known as YogMaya. Krishna started crying, they were very happy to know about his birth, this was very special event for them. They celebrated the birth, as if was a festival. They gathered at Nandbaba's home and congratulated him. The birth of child was a blessing for them as they had done many tapa, japa for it.

The residents of Gokul were not aware that the child was the incarnation of Vishnu but they were very happy that Lala was born and their dream had become a reality, They felt that this child would make them free from evils. They could not control their upsurge and started to throw abil, gulal, butter, curd and milk to one another and cheered up that 'Nand Ghere Anand Bhayo, Jai kanaiya lal ki' Nanda offered a lot to everybody, gave them presents and donated cows and gold and other precious things to Brahmins. The atmosphere was full of joy purity and love. The whole cosmos became radiant. As Krishna is God of love, everybody danced and song, appreciating Nandbava's generosity saying that. 'Nand Ghere Anand Bhayo Jai Kanaiya Lala Ki, Hathi Diyo, Ghoda Diyo, Sorathiya Palkhi'.

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